Dr. Marcus Feak, C. Psych.

I have 28 years of experience in the helping professions. I have been a Registered Psychologist since 1996, after completing my doctorate in counseling psychology the previous year. My thesis was in the area of lifespan psychology, examining both the continuing threads and the changes in the way individuals respond to life challenges from childhood until later life. I worked in a hospital-based program for seniors for several years before working with younger adults and adolescents. I began working at Telka-Smith part-time in 2003 while still working in the hospital setting. In 2010, I decided to concentrate on private practice.

In addition to my training in adult and play therapy, I have been influenced by the treatment approaches of professionals in other disciplines with whom I worked closely in the hospital setting. For 10 years I helped run the psychology internship program there, encouraging exposure to a wide range of experiences and openness to learning from others. I enjoy providing education to clients and their families concerning diagnostic labels, treatment options, etc. and encouraging clients to do reading and research in order to become informed consumers of services. I am told that I am able to make these sometimes confusing topics understandable in everyday terms. I am comfortable when clients draw their own conclusions, believing that discussion leading to a decision is as important as any course of action, and endorse the saying “if in doubt, don’t”. I have appeared on Global TV and CHEX addressing child and adolescent issues.


  • Mood and anxiety problems
  • Adolescent issues
  • Play therapy
  • Life crises
  • Complex mental health difficulties
  • Trauma issues
  • Aging parents


  • Learning issues
  • Diagnostic and treatment issues
  • Psychovocational assessment