Are you:

  • Registered or eligible for registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario.
  • Experienced in a private practice, an outpatient setting or a community-based agency
  • Able to work independently within a group setting

Telka, Smith is an established and regionally well-known practice situated in a large and lovely heritage building in downtown Peterborough.  Our psychologists provide a rich and comprehensive range of treatment and assessment services to clients of all ages.  Our five support staff look after all of the clerical and administrative needs of the practitioners who, in turn, have the freedom to manage their caseloads, their fees and other related professional undertakings as they each see fit.  The practice provides any and all support needed by our practitioners, including support of their autonomy as independent practitioners.

I’m a Toronto ex-patriot and it seemed unthinkable to me, after earning registration with our College, to look anywhere but Toronto or other reasonable facsimiles for career and life opportunities.  To be sure, Peterborough is certainly not a people-dense metropolitan living experience!  Instead, Peterborough is in the heart of the Kawarthas, nested in a wealth of lakes and woodlands and an hour and a quarter from Toronto, three hours from Ottawa.  Peterborough offers many cultural and recreational amenities and is home to Trent University and Fleming College.   A notably relaxed and less urgent lifestyle obtains here, and the size and relative safety of Peterborough recommends it as a community for individuals and families alike.  For families, Peterborough offers safe schools, extensive networks for sports and recreation and a very strong sense of community.

One other considerable benefit is that Peterborough is remarkably more affordable than larger centres.  There are innumerable life-style differences and I’d suggest that many of them are profoundly positive and healthy.  Rush hour may add three minutes more to a ten minute commute, if walking or a bicycle is impractical!

If your lifestyle actually often embraces the metropolitan cornucopia, then Peterborough is probably not for you.  Otherwise, if you would be open to investigating further the exceptional professional opportunity of joining Telka, Smith, and to looking in to the life offered here in Peterborough, please consider getting in touch with me.

We work with a very attractive and flexible approach to reimbursement.  We provide all of the support needed for a capable psychologist to establish and consolidate a rewarding and secure professional career.   If you are not yet registered but are eligible for registration with the College of Psychologists, several of us are available and happy to mentor and supervise new colleagues. 

If you would like to explore this further please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

Lee Smith, Ph.D.,
Clinical Psychologist

Telka, Smith
Practice in Psychology
318 Stewart St.
Peterborough, ON
K9J 3N1