Dr. Pati Beaudoin, C.Psych.

I’ve been practicing psychotherapy with adults, teens, couples and groups since the early 80’s. Many of the people I see have done some of their own therapy before they even meet me. That is often a strength of people who use therapy to resolve issues: They tend to want to deal with the natural problems of being human, rather than setting them aside.

People often come to me with issues such as depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, trauma recovery and relationship issues. I use various forms of psychotherapy, including CBT, psychodynamic approaches (Object Relations) and psychosynthesis. I’m also trained in hypnosis, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR, Level 2) and various forms of Energy Psychology, including EFT.

After completing a doctorate at the University of Toronto, I moved to Atlanta, where I was a Licensed Psychologist in private practice for close to 30 years. While there I found many opportunities to stretch professionally, including training therapists in Europe, North America and South America in various psychotherapy approaches such as hypnosis, couples’ work, Energy Psychology and the Authentic Forgiveness Protocol. I also consulted to NYPD Division of Internal Affairs and to the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health. I maintain a consulting relationship with Atlanta’s Center for Mental Health and Human Development. During Atlanta’s preparation for the 1996 Olympics I trained first responders, then supervised them following the bombing incident.

I’ve recently returned to Ontario and have chosen Peterborough as my home.

Inner Judge Group

Most people have an inner critical voice that some therapists refer to as the Inner Judge or the Inner Critic. It can make life miserable with shame and embarrassment, and with thoughts such as “What will they think,” “I’m a loser,” and feelings of low self-esteem, unworthiness and inferiority. In the Inner Judge group people learn to catch the Judge in the act and stop it. People who have been in these groups say that taking control of the Inner Judge makes therapy easier and more effective. You may join an Inner Judge group whether or not you are in treatment at Telka, Smith. The groups meet twice a month. Please email me at .